RD33771CNTREVM Reference Design
RD33771CNTREVM Reference Design
RD33771CNTREVM Reference Design


Technical and Functional Specifications

Microcontroller (ASIL-B)

  • S32K144 as microcontroller to manage all AFEs on the board

Analog Front End (ASIL-D)

  • 4 BCC devices on board
  • Transformer/capacitor isolation between each BCC
  • 14 battery cells voltage measurement at each AFE
  • 7 temperature channels measurement at each AFE
  • Daisy chain link other board(s) for flexible architecture

Power Management

  • Power supply with watchdog support
  • Overvoltage/undervoltage detection support


  • CAN interface, capacitor /transformer isolation based TPL daisy chain for off-board


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  • RD33771CNTREVM: Flexible BMS Reference Design
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