Other Applications

Other applications that can be improved by the usage of NXP RFID Technology

The capability to uniquely identify items via RFID, and both read and write to RFID tags has almost unlimited application. And with the wide array of products from LF, HF, UHF and NFC ICs to security and more, our global presence, and design through fabrication capability, NXP can help deliver an outstanding RFID solution for your application, whether in progress now, or yet to be imagined.

Other Applications

Equipment rental

Equipment Rental

After paying for the desired rental period, consumers would receive a temporary tag to enable power. The tag would contain an NFC chip that holds rental authorization. An NFC reader within the rental equipment could read the information and enable power only for the terms of the agreement.

Car enable switch

Car Enable Switch

For car insurance regulation enforcement, rental enablement, those driving under restrictions (e.g., teens or persons convicted of DUIs), valid driver’s license requirements, etc., a car could start only upon receiving the appropriate authorization.